How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Perhaps you are already aware of some ways to make money with your blog such as advertising, selling digital items, or featuring sponsored posts. However, there is another way to monetize blogs, which is through affiliate marketing. In fact, this technique offers greater means of generating income while promoting various brands and not being tied up with establishing any relationship with these products. What’s great about this money-making method is you can earn a percentage of sales for each referral.

How Affiliate Marketing Is Done

You can choose from various ways of becoming an affiliate marketer. For instance, you can begin by signing up with a network that features numerous programs you can join. Once your application to the affiliate network has been approved, you can start applying to each program offered in the network. Upon approval, you will receive links that can be used to your site, and these help track every sale or click on the ad.

The concept behind this form of marketing is by encouraging site visitors to click on the ad that is linked to the website or product being sold. Each time your readers purchase the featured item on your blog, you can get a percentage of the sale, and this can be about 10 percent or even more, depending on what the network is offering.

What’s good about becoming a part of the network is the opportunity to manage as many businesses as you can handle – and you get paid from the affiliate network. Usually, payment to marketers are made once every month, and you can check in to your account to monitor your sales.

website businessThere are networks that require online application for potential affiliates, which makes the entire process easy for any blogger looking to publish these ads or products to their site. However, some networks setup a more tedious process when applying such as filling out the form and waiting for a few days prior to approval. Yet, when your application has ben approved, you can start checking out merchants or businesses to promote.

Ways to Make Money as an Affiliate

There are different means of generating income as an affiliate marketer. You may choose to become an affiliate for conferences that offer programs for bloggers to make money. Companies give affiliates a discount code that can be featured in a blog, and you make money each time people use the code.

Another way to earn money is by becoming an affiliate for free downloads, free trials, coupons and eBooks. Whenever a sale is made, you make a percentage of it. You can also get paid each time a person fills out lead forms upon clicking on the link to the products you are selling.

Just be sure to check which posts in your site are frequently visited and most popular, then try to see if you could include affiliate links in these. Link your post to merchants that sell items relevant to your post whether it is Amazon, Walmart, or even Pottery Barn, as long as it is applicable. If you are more interested in digital products, then you may want to take a look at It offers as much as 75 percent worth of commissions on each product you sell, and you can receive payment from commissions on a weekly basis.

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