How to Make Money with a Blog

online incomeAside from harnessing your writing skills, keeping a blog offers promising and practical ways to make money. In fact, there are several money-making techniques you can use, and a combination of these methods will even maximize your profits along the way. The idea is to determine which system works best for you, so you can just apply the formula over and over to generate income as you keep blogging.

Overview of Ways to Make Money by Blogging

You have to realize that when it comes to income streams, there are times when one technique is more profitable than the other. Thus, you will have to explore novel means of making money instead of sticking to just one option. After all, it is always ideal to have various streams of income regardless of the type of business you have. Keep in mind that even if you only make a little at the start, your efforts will soon pay off as you continue to explore and go deeper into these sources of income over time.

work at homeNaturally, you would want to write about something you are interested in, and let the income start pouring in organically as you go along this route. There is nothing more exciting than blogging about things you actually care about since your passion comes out as you do so. Readers will be more than thrilled to check out your posts, and these can become loyal subscribers to your blog. What’s more, if your content is geared towards things that you specialize in, people will consider you as an expert in the field you write about. Hence, your credibility will inspire them to visit your blog more instead of your competitors’.

There are several means of income-generating methods you can apply when blogging. Some of these include affiliate marketing, selling digital products, and advertising. Continue reading to learn more about each.

Advertising as a Money-Making Technique

If you have a site, then you may consider including some ads that can be placed in the footer, header, within the content or the side bar. Various networks that you can work with for these ads include Google AdSense,, Beacon Ads and BlogHer, to name a few. In addition to complementing your web content, you can use these ads to entice people to continue reading or explore these banner ads. Once site visitors click on these and purchase items offered in the ad, you can make money.

Ad networks connect you with advertisers, and they make some money from the profit collected through their partnership with advertisers. However, it can take some time for you to generate income from this method unless you already have massive traffic to your site. It also works best when your niche is unique since advertisers are likely to pay more money for each click on their banner ads.

Digital or Physical Products

You can also sell digital or physical products that are relevant to the content you have in your blog. For instance, you are featuring an eBook or DVD in your post, and you can present these items by reviewing them or providing readers with further information on what to expect from these. When they decide to buy these, you can get a commission from selling the item. As always, having a good amount of traffic in your site helps a great deal when increasing your profits.

However, to make even more from digital products, you may want to explore on having original items to sell to your readers. Write your own eBook or create a DVD with topics that you specialize in, which your readers also find relevant to their needs. Original products offer 100 percent profit since you can keep the total sales of every item you sell.

Affiliate Marketingwebsite business

With affiliate marketing, you get to promote other people’s products and get a cut from the sales. It only requires you to include a link to the website that sells the different products you are featuring in your blog. Bloggers can introduce these items in the form of a product review, which give readers information about the item, pros and cons, and some tips before they make a purchase.

You make money once a visitor clicks on the ad and purchases the product. The affiliate network gives you a percentage of the sale, and this can vary from 10 to 15 percent (or higher in some cases). The idea is to maintain the high level of content you provide, make sure it is beneficial to your readers, and add strong call-to-actions to encourage them to buy without sounding pushy or salesy.

So, explore on these techniques on how to make money on your blog and reap the outcomes of your efforts along the way.


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