How to Earn From your Blog With Amazon Affiliate

Amazon associateAmazon affiliate, commonly known as Amazon Associates is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs that started in 1996. The program has more than 12 years of track record, in developing solutions to help website owners make a earning. Amazon sellers make money through advertising millions of new and used products from and its subsidiaries.

To get started in Amazon, you need to have an operational blog. Next, identify your niche. Niche relates to products and services you are willing to promote online. It can be food stuffs, kids’ toys, apparels, towing service, electronic gadgets, books among others. Website owners and bloggers who are associated with Amazon to create links and customer click through, and buy products from Amazon. They then earn referral fees.

Joining Amazon Associates

AmazonTo become a member of Amazon Associate, you need to visit the home page of and create an account. After creating the account, you log in and submit your personal and website details. The form may seem to be long but it is easy to fill in. Ensure that all information you give in is correct.

You will then be asked to add your website details. You will notice that most affiliate programs are interested in how much traffic you get. From the form, fill in details that include your preferred store ID, how you build your links and the means you use to drive traffic your website.

Verifying Your Identity

Amazon will then ask you to verify your identity. Amazon will ask for a phone number which Amazon will use to make an automated call. When you enter the phone number, the pin number appears on the screen, which you should enter in the form. At the last step in the form, Amazon welcomes you to their Associate Program. At this point, you can choose the means of payment or make such a a choice later.

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